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Cryptocurrency Projects Tilting Towards Education — Is Disruption Imminent? – CoinCheckup Blog

According to a ۲۰۱۸ Forbes article, over 1.7 billion people are unbanked. As further revealed by the aforementioned source, over 80% of that number live in developing countries, yet a larger percentage own a smartphone. Pretty ironic!  In addition to this major sticking point, the average salary of teachers globally…

Concern as Uniswap-backed "DeFi Education Fund" dumps $10M worth of UNI

Concern as Uniswap-backed ‘DeFi Education Fund’ dumps $10M worth of UNI

The controversial Uniswap-funded DeFi Education Fund has liquidated half of its donated funding into stablecoins, attracting condemnation from many in the crypto community. On June 12, the fund tweeted that it was selling 500,000 UNI to Genesis Trading for 10.2 million USDC in an over-the-counter (OTC) trade, despite the Uniswap…

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