Twitter to combat copying of NFT images through a new feature

Twitter to combat copying of NFT images through a new feature


Discussions regarding the authenticity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been common in the crypto community on Twitter, given that the authenticity of NFTs used as profile pictures could not be verified. However, this is now changing with the new NFT feature from Twitter.

Twitter has now launched a feature that allows users to verify the NFT images used in their profile picture. This will make it easy for users to check the proof-of-ownership.

Twitter launches NFT feature

Previously, right-clicking and copying NFTs was a common feature on Twitter, which raised questions on the value of NFTs. Additionally, verifying NFTs is hectic, given that one has to go into a blockchain such as Ethereum and look for the ownership of the NFT.

The feature launched by Twitter on January 20 will be available to paid subscriptions on Twitter’s Blue service. The verified NFTs will feature a hexagonal border, which will replace the circular border used for ordinary profile pictures.

The product lead for Twitter, Esther Crawford, commented on this development saying the social media platform is “positioning itself as the social network for the discovery, conversation, and education around NFT, blockchain, and crypto technology.”

Crawford also added that cryptocurrencies were a major influence on Twitter’s future. She added that the platform was committed to supporting decentralized applications to manage virtual goods and digital currencies.

The social media platform will integrate a third-party API (application programming interface) to capture a user NFT from the OpenSea marketplace. This will aid in the verification since images and tokens will not be verified if the OpenSea marketplace has issues.

Twitter to combat copying of NFT images through a new feature | کریپتالین |

This is a major move by Twitter to venture into the NFT sector. Over the past few years, Twitter has become the primary social media platform for the crypto community, and it features major discussions regarding the sector.

However, this feature is not full proof that NFTs cannot be copied, given that individuals that want to copy the NFTs can copy the image, mint it with a blockchain address and upload it to their profile pictures. Twitter has not issued a statement on how it would combat any theft in such instances.

Elon Musk has not welcomed this new NFT feature by Twitter. Musk noted that the feature was annoying and that Twitter needed to invest its resources in other things, such as combating the high number of crypto scams on the platform.

Musk has opposed various developments in the crypto space, including NFTs and Web 3. The former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorset, has also previously blasted Web 3.

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