Samsung Slashes Prices on Monitors and SSDs Until February 27th – Review Geek

The Samsung T7 portable SSD in blue, gray, and red.

It’s time to upgrade your PC or gaming setup. Samsung is running a weeklong President’s Day sale on its most popular monitors, SSDs, and SD Cards. The company is even discounting its PS5-ready ۹۸۰ PRO SSD, which is the most popular PS5 SSD solution available today.

These deals and discounts last until February 27th, so you have a week to get everything you need. Just don’t wait too long, as discounted items could go out of stock.

Please note that I’ve omitted some of Samsung’s deals, as there isn’t a point in listing a bunch of stuff that’s only discounted by $5 or $10. If you want a low-capacity SSD or SD Card, check one of these options to see if a lower-storage model is also on sale.

If you own a PS5, I suggest grabbing the discounted ۹۸۰ PRO drive with a preinstalled heatsink. This is the most popular PS5 SSD solution available today, and if you don’t buy a PS5 SSD with a preinstalled heatsink, then you need to set up the heatsink yourself.

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